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SUN, MOON, RISING (custom)

custom SUN, MOON, and RISING sun-catcher

These sun-catcher are unique to your Sun, Moon, and Rising. Please let me know what signs they are in the notes at checkout!

Each sign has already been assigned a color. Since my glass inventory is always fluctuating, I will choose the closest shade of that color I currently have in stock. I will choose based on instinct / artistic discretion ♡

The signs in their Astrological order with colors:

Aries: reds, oranges
Taurus: pastel shades of pink, pale blue and green
Gemini: yellows
Cancer: silvery blue/smokey grey, textured clears
Leo: orange/yellow, ambers (color of sun)
Virgo: green and dark brown
Libra: pink, pale green and various shades of blue
Scorpio: deep red and maroon
Sagittarius: rich purples and dark blues
Capricorn: subdued dark green, gray, black and brown
Aquarius: electric blue and turquoise
Pisces: soft sea greens

SPECS: 7" x 7" | hand-painted symbols | finished lead edge | chain attached for hanging

items contain a small amount of lead, please wash hands after handling


  • Image of SUN, MOON, RISING (custom)
  • Image of SUN, MOON, RISING (custom)